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Metod Park Company offers playground and furniture solutions for public areas since 1995 to all over the world. As a highly experienced company we know our responsibilities in order to create healthier and hapier communities. Our main aim is, encouraging people of all ages to be more active and to have more fun in their lives. We believe all people need fun in their lives as much as children. It is our duty to provide safe- social fun areas for public, while respecting its environment. Metod Park has its own production facility that capable of to carry out different manufacturing methods. As a deep-rooted experienced firm we have high-level product design abilities. We always try to serve best design solutions for each customer by considering their special needs&demands. In our workshops we make the dreams come true.
We manufacture and supply baby garments, baby clothings, baby items, baby materials, baby products, baby room furnitures, baby tools, baby toys, baby shoes, baby booties, baby slippers, baby sandals,
Experienced Architect Nadide Ozpekmezci started producing extraordinary and creative furniture and offered them for sale with the concept decoration and furniture brand 'Mantis'. Ozpekmezci, advancing with decisive steps towards becoming a brand with Mantis, aims to become an architectural, furniture, decoration and design brand opening from Gaziantep to Europe in the sector.
Our Company mainly produces 06 months-4 years old baby & 2-10-year-old girl Turkey's leading handmade for children and luxurious evening dress +design customs. our models are handmade, creatives and deliberately made, use non-allergic, high-quality materials. Baptizdress, bridesmaid dress, Flowergirl dress, Special occasions, Party gown, Boll gown, Junior bridesmaid, Princess dress, Lux baby costumes. We sell to wholesalers and retailers worldwide.
The foundation of our company were laid in the 1940s in Istanbul. Our company has the responsibilty of producing high quality toys ,help the physical and mental development of children by a conscious renovator,respectful,eviromental and liable. Pilsan manufactures battery group, bicycle and pedal group, truck and construction equipment group, mind games and educational kits, education and sport group, swinging toys, summer toys, baby and kid materials, toys with chain and pedal, park and garden group and such product range on Europe’s largest toy factory which has 135.000 m² total area. With this new plant we expand our total land to 160.000 sqm and 71.000 sqm indoor production area, now we are proud of beign Europe’s biggest toy factory since 2015. Pilsan uses worldwide known injection, blow and rotation techniques and prepares patterns of all products in-house. Pilsan uses the latest generation machines and pattern technique by following the changing and evolving technology with each passing day in production techniques. Pilsan has 50 Injection, 30 Blow molding and 5 Rotational molding manchines in its production. Today, % 40 our production is exported to more that 70 countries in all around the World. As a company vision we always follow the development of the production technology with its Professional staff and continue to grow up ,developpe new and licenced products.
Our company, which is a pioneer in meeting the evolving needs in the globalizing world and in the field of fashion design, continues its services with our solution partners and production AQL standards with the principle of unlimited customer satisfaction. Our company. We have adopted customer and quality oriented principles. We aim to fulfill our customers' goals in an ambitious way in order to meet the demands of our customers in every ready-made garment production together with their customers in the garment industry. We are at your service as OVERDO KIDS with minimum cost and maximum quality with fast service understanding.
Haknur Tekstil which is one of the leading companies in children’s wear was established in 1996 in Bursa and manufactures children’s ready-to-wear products between 6 months and 15 years old. Our collection of T-Shirts, sweatshirts, pants, shirts, skirts, dresses, suitcases etc. is acclaimed both in domestic and abroad thanks to its contemporary child-friendly designs and comfortable and functional features. Our products which are sold domestically with the brands “Haknur”, “Tayni”, “Peri Masali”, “MiniWorld” which are our own brands are also exported to countries such as Greece, Germany, England, Holland, Russia. As a result of our work that we have prioritized customer satisfaction, we are going to our production by raising our daily greed since our establishment. We think of your children like our children, pay attention to the sensitivity and quality required in our products … “The Details Are Valuable”
Our company was founded in 2008 in order to fill the gap in an industry that is almost entirely dependent on imports and where there was almost no domestic production. In addition to contributing to the development of dreams of millions of children since the day we were founded, the company has been the pioneer of new beginnings in the sector. We have developed by raising awareness in the sector we import, and we have become a company that contributes to the country's economy by exporting. We offer a wide range of products for beautiful, high quality, child development toys and wooden mind games produced from natural wood in our integrated facility, which is produced entirely in a domestic area of ​​2800 m2.
Turkish Shoe Exporting Company. Designer Kids' Sneakers, Sandals, Boots, Flats, Dress Shoes & More. For babies, toddlers, little kids and big kids. A Turkish shoe design brand; not just making good shoes, but making the best shoes for children as they grow, develop and learn to explore the world around them. It’s a philosophy that drives us to continually improve everything we do, in our design, in our craft, in our understanding of foot health and in every other part of our business.
Company "Fatihim Tekstil" (Trademark "Bursa Visne Bebe") started its activities in 1987. The company is engaged in manufacturing and wholesale of clothing for babies and children aged 0 to 16 years. Today "Fatihim Tekstil" exports its products to more than 40 countries worldwide.